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Due to the strategic location of Fuentes de Cesna in the Genil basin, it has been visited by countless towns throughout history. Having already recorded the presence of inhabitants from the prehistory, and then have relevance during the Muslim period. All these cultures have left a certain legacy that has lived for a long time in its people, enriching their culture and customs.


The Ruins of Cesna or "Fuentes Viejas", the ancient village of Fuentes de Cesna, nestled under the slopes of a long stone and overlooking the Iznajar reservoir and the confluence of the provinces of Cordoba, Granada and Malaga. It has important elements of natural, historical and ethnological interest.

There are still three births or sources that give name to the village "Fuente de la Plaza, Fuente de Enmedio and Fuente del Caño".


Villavieja vista desde lejos

It is located 1 km from Cortijo El Morrón and can be visited by walking or by car, given the proximity to the house. Villavieja is recognizable by its wall, which closes the most accessible side of the end of the plateau where it sits, limited by the cliff. This structure was known by the neighbors of the nearby population, although it was unknown when and who built it.

pesquera4 km along the A5400 road to Zagra, you will find the Torre Pesquera (11th-16th century). The so-called Torre Pesquera is, in fact, a more complex defensive structure. Near the castle of Cesna, it shares the characteristic of not being located in a mountain top, but in a valley (only examples of the province with this construction).


Taking the road, towards Zagra, next to the Blanquillo river, there is a dirt road that leads to the place of Pesquera Lock, although it is also called Los Cagilones by the people of Fuentes de Cesna.

Because the cortijo is located in the center of Andalusia you can visit cities such as Granada, Córdoba, Malaga and Jaén just over an hour from the house, and Seville about two hours. You can also visit localities such as Algarinejo, Loja, Priego de Cordoba, Alhama de Granada, Montefrio, Íllora, Iznájar, Rute, Antequera, etc.

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