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Cortijo El Morrón is located in the municipality of Algarinejo. The city council itself has prepared a series of trekking routes that will be of pleasure of anyone who wants to carry them out.

The routes will allow you to discover the history, customs, old trades already forgotten, way of subsistence of the past and present municipality and enjoy the vagaries of nature that have been exploited by man for time.cascada

Some routes closer and that we recommend to do therefore will not leave indifferent to the visitor are:

Ancient ruins of Fuentes de Cesna, now called as Sajna Natural Park.

Archaeological Complex of Villavieja, a representative and great place of the area, which can be visited on foot or in vehicle from the farmhouse, given the proximity of which is.

Ruta de los arroyos y molinos. This route can be started from the town center of Algarinejo. The visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy the freshness and an idyllic riverine landscape. To be able to bathe in gullies dug in the bed of the river during the summer, or to be able to enjoy a meal with family or friends in enabled picnic areas.

Ruta de los Arrieros. From the highway A5400 (Algarinejo - Ventorros de San José) at the height of Arroyo Blanquillo. From there, the last section must be done on foot, leaving the vehicle halfway. You come to a place called La Cerradura. Besides a beautiful landscape given by the tail of the Embalse de Iznajar or Lake of Andalusia and the river mouths.

All routes and information can be found on the following pages:

Web of Tourism of Excmo. Algarinejo Council Town
Routes on the web page of the Hon. Algarinejo Council Town
Routes of Algarinejo and Poniente Granadino

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